Hotels in Italy Giglio Island Tuscany

Hotels in Italy Giglio Island Tuscany |

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Last minute hotels in Italy Giglio Island in Tuscany Italy, an enchanting island with shops, beaches and cliffs and very interesting for walks along the coast in the height.

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What to see on the island of Giglio : itineraries and places to visit on the island, we offer a selection of places of interest for a trip to the island of Giglio.

Lily island Hotels in Italy Giglio Island Tuscany.
Giglio Porto is the liveliest and most colorful fraction of the Isola del Giglio. The transparency of the water in the port will immediately make you understand the quality of the sea that surrounds the island. The ancient watchtower, the colorful shops along the promenade, and the rooms with terrace overlooking the sea, will welcome you on this beautiful island.
We will move to this point towards the Castle which is on the top of the island. The Castle has the structure of a typical medieval village with an entrance gate, walls and watch towers with amazing views of the sea. Inside the walls the atmosphere is surreal, the narrow streets, the arches, the stairs and the squares, will make you jump back in time. The charming and silent castle in the winter season, becomes cheerful and festive in the summer, when tourists outside the bars and restaurants infuse an atmosphere of joy in all the streets. Hotels in Italy Giglio Island Tuscany.

Isola del Giglio – Giglio Campese
From the Giglio Castello we descend in the direction of the Campese bay. Already from the road, at times, the bay appears in all its beauty. The life of Giglio Campese takes place according to its beach, all the structures and houses are in fact gathered immediately behind the beach. Hotels in Italy Giglio Island Tuscany.

All the Giglio beaches are worth a visit, the biggest ones are: the Campese, the Cannelle, the Caldane and the Arenella.

La Cote Ciombella Presidium archaeological itinerary
Megalithic site located in Le Porte, there are archaic rocks with cups of various sizes. The site is located in a panoramic position from which you can also admire the island of Giannutri. Hotels in Italy Giglio Island Tuscany.

Lighthouse inaugurated in 1883 to replace the ancient lighthouse of the Vaccarecce. It is located on the Punta di Capel Rosso, southern end of the Isola del Giglio. You can reach it by taking the panoramic road from Giglio Castello to Le Porte, after which you will continue on foot for about forty minutes. Along the horizon we see Giannutri and the Argentario. The Lighthouse consists of an octagonal tower incorporated in the front of a rectangular building. Circling the lighthouse on the left side we find a stone staircase that reaches the sea. It is a place of disarming beauty and was also the film set of the Oscar-winning film “La grande bellezza” by Paolo Sorrentino, for the scene where the protagonist, in a childhood memory, returns to the mind of the days of the first love blossomed on the sea. Hotels in Italy Giglio Island Tuscany.

The museum is located at 9 provincial street Giglio Porto. The exhibition itinerary is divided into three sectors dedicated to the birth of the island, its geo-mineralogical component and to the extraction activities linked in particular to iron and granite. Among the rare pieces we can include specimens unique in the world of discoidal black tourmaline and galena crystals with tabular habitus. Hotels in Italy Giglio Island Tuscany.

For guided tours and nature excursions, contact Marina Aldi: Environmental Tourist Guide and Park Guide for Isola.

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