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Its hallmark is the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral declared on October 12, 2011 by UNESCO “Witness culture and peace”.

The cathedral is the main place of Catholic worship in Cosenza , as well as bishopric of the archdiocese. Built around the middle of the eleventh century, it has, thanks to its long history, architectural styles although its Latin cross structure is typically Romanesque.

The old townIt is characterized by a maze of narrow streets that wind around historic buildings, churches, convents, fortresses houses and squares. Among the old civic buildings definitely we highlight the house of the sixteenth century cultures and the Government of the seventeenth century palace. The Castle Norman-Swabian represents the main town monument erected for centuries one of the highest points of the city: the Pancrazio hill .

Its origins are not well known, unfortunately, according to some scholars were the Byzantinesaround 937 to build on the ruins of an ancient fortress, in order to defend against Saracen incursions. After the Arab domination of the city, the Normans completely transformed by reinforcing the foundations and walls, and in 1132 making it a real stronghold.

In 1184 it was eventually undone by a strong earthquake that shambles the entire city, but during the thirteenth century Frederick II decided to completely restructure it by giving it the form that currently has (hence its official name: Norman-Swabian). It falls into anonymity throughout the seventeenth century and later to other earthquakes in the area was totally left in a state of neglect. It was only later reused by the Bourbonswho used it as a prison, and after the establishment of the Italian state finally passed to the municipality of Cosenza who acquired in a public auction.

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