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Lucca is a good city for shopping. Here’s a look at the foodie shops and historic craft shops to visit in the historical center.

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Lucca, a top city to visit in Tuscany, holds many attractions for the tourist.

Its old town, with medieval towers and nearly 100 churches, is completely enclosed by its walls and is a good city for walking, biking, and shopping. Hotel deals in Lucca last minute.

The walls that enclose the old city of Lucca are some of the best-preserved ramparts in Italy and you can walk clear around Lucca on top of the wall. In 1800, the upper part of the wall thickness was planted with trees and grass, transforming it into a large park and a pleasant place for walking or bicycling. There are more than four kilometers of walls with six gates and eleven bastions. Hotel deals in Lucca last minute.

Piazza dell ‘Anfiteatro, a square oval, was the site of a Roman amphitheater. Parts of the oval ground-original plan and the outer ring of the second century building are still visible. Buildings and houses were built around the arena during the Middle Ages. The lively square is surrounded by shops, bars and restaurants both inside and out. In July is the place for outdoor music performances. Hotel deals in Lucca last minute.

The Cathedral of Lucca, dedicated to St. Martin or St. Martin, is located on Piazza San Martino, surrounded by impressive medieval buildings. Originally built in the 12th to the 13th century, it is in the Romanesque style and has a finely decorated marble facade. Next to the cathedral is its high bell tower and the 13th century Casa dell’Opera del Duomo, a typical medieval house in Lucca. The interior is Gothic and holds good works of art, including the Holy Face and the tomb 15th century Ilaria del Carretto, a masterpiece by Jacopo della Quercia. Hotel deals in Lucca last minute.

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